Apple Mail to PST Conversion, The perfect way of carry out!

The perfect way of carrying out your Apple Mail to PST Conversion: Mail Extractor Pro.

You cannot spell Apple Mail to PST Conversion without challenges. There’ll be a lot of obstacles and challenges in the way of your Apple Mail to PST Conversion. Overcoming all these challenges is the only way to a perfect conversion process.

To make your conversion process smoother, you’ll need help.

The Challenges you face with your Apple Mail to PST Conversion

Apple Mail to PST Conversion isn’t as easy as it sounds. Both Apple Mail and Windows Outlook are very popular email clients on their native operating systems, MacOS and Windows respectively.

They provide exceptional features and interfaces that meets the needs of their end users. They both are very good all-round solutions. But when you talk about data migration, that’s when the problem starts.

Both the tools are incompatible with each other. This makes transferring the data between them a painstaking process. The absence of a native way to transfer the data makes this situation worse. If you aren’t well versed with the process of Apple Mail to PST Conversion, then this could be a huge obstacle for you to cross.

Overcoming the challenges of Apple Mail to PST Conversion

You can go two ways with your Apple Mail to PST Conversion. First route you can take is the path of manual methods of conversion. This doesn’t require any tools or software. It uses the IMAP protocol for syncing up the data and make the transfer process go through.

But this fails with the modern-day size of email databases. Incomplete conversions and data loss become is a common occurrence with this approach.

The other route you can take involves a high-grade, professional software tool. These software tools are specifically designed to provide you with a better conversion process. But out of so many presents in the market, it becomes tough to choose the right one for your Apple Mail to PST Conversion.

The ideal converter tool for your Apple Mail to PST Conversion

Trying all the converter tools in the market and then choosing the right one for your conversion process can be a very tiring process, plus a massive waste of time.

Mail Extractor Pro is the ideal converter tool for your Apple Mail to PST Conversion. The tool from USL Software is one of the most recommended converter tools in the market. Known for its high-quality solutions in email migration business, USL Software have created another gem in Mail Extractor Pro.

You can also try this software for MBOX to PST conversion.
Apple Mail to PST Converter

The tool is an all-round solution that offers features like:

  • Auto-loading the email database for conversion: It gives you freedom from converting the data into MBOX files and directly converts the data from the identity folder of your Apple Mail.
  • Exceptional Speed of Conversion: The tool is one of the fastest converter tools in the business. It makes quick and efficient work of all the data stored in your Apple Mail account.
  • High conversion accuracy: The tool provides you with high conversion accuracy that allows it to convert formats like Unicode, double byte languages etc., easily.

And this list goes on. To try out all these and a lot more features provided by the Apple Mail to PST converter tool for free, grab yourself the trial version of the tool today.